Crystal Beach is one of the nearest surf spots from Metro Manila. A surfer describes the surf conditions as: "waves can range from really small to overhead with some occasions of double overhead during surfing season - varying wave breaks, left and right handers and A frame peaks."

In layman's terms: it's got a little bit of everything for everybody.

Don't be intimidated: Crystal Beach loves introducing surfing to people. It's been around since 2001, after all. Back then, they started out with just a couple of boards and a lot of heart. Finally, in 2005, Five Forty Surf Co. brought in boards and a surf school was created under Dodo Ramos and Lui Tortuya. From 2007-2010, surf instructors were trained by the Philippine National Red Cross, and are certified ASI (Academy of Surf Instructors) Level 1. By 2010, the first batch was trained by the Philippine Lifesaving Society and Surf Life Saving Australia (Mark Ramos and Virgel Ramos graduated as Bronze Medallion Lifeguards and Lifesaving Instructors.

In Feb 2011, Quiksilver partnered with the school, and Crystal Beach is happy to announce that Virgel Ramos has reached ASI Level 2.

Undeniably, Crystal Beach is the place to go if you've always wanted to try surfing and need a safe place to try it. Here, the surfing instructors will make sure that you get up on that board, and have the ride of your life. And you never know, maybe it will end up with you being just as addicted to the Zambales surfing lifestyle.
Level 1: Introduction
  • Basic balance
  • Posture
  • Foot stance
  • Arm position
  • Understanding ocean currents, ocean bottom and waves
  • Basic safety & emergency procedures
Level 2: Advanced Beginner
  • Paddling and control
  • Reading waves
  • Turtle Turn
  • Understanding different types of waves
  • Understanding surfing equipment (regular personal use & emergency situations)
Level 3: Intermediate
  • Knowing your environment (dangers of known Philippine surfing spots)
  • Catching your own waves (North vs South Swell)
  • Varied foot placements
  • Basic bottom turn
  • Types of turning
  • Riding the wall of the waves
  • Basic first aid for surfers (BandageS and splints)
Level 4: Advanced Surfer
  • Trimming
  • Bottom turn to Top turn
  • Duck diving
  • Understanding & riding bigger waves
  • Emergency Action Plan (EAP)
  • Handling emergencies without EA
Level 5: Exploring Surf Spots
In this level we customize for surf trips to more advanced places like Siargao, Samar or Pagudpud. Here we introduce you to the local guys who will take care of your needs and guide you as you try your skills in more intense waves to bring your urfing to the next level. This level is mostly video assessment of your surfing and guiding you around to introduce you to different waves and different areas.
Php 400 per person per hour
  • Includes rash guard, board rental and Quiksilver Surf School instructor's fee
  • Subject to surf equipment availability