Hotel Policies


*Upon arrival and check-in, please present your proof of payment (deposit slip for bank deposit or screenshot of payment for online bank transfer, online reservation voucher).

*Check-in time is at 2PM and Check-out time is at 12NN.

*Late check-out is subject to room or tent availability with an additional fee.

*Cash and major credit cards are accepted upon check-in/check out and at the restaurant.

*Food and beverage purchases are to be paid at the restaurant or bar counter. Charge to room arrangement is not allowed.

*Any damages inside the room and tents (soiled or damaged linens, broken items, etc.) will be charged accordingly.

*Always lock your room when you leave and safely keep your key at all times or you can leave your key at the reception. The lost or misplaced key fee is Php 1,000.00.

*Please secure your belongings at all times. The management will not be held liable for any loss or damage of guest belongings.

*Cook only at designated cooking areas.

*Park only at the designated parking area to avoid sinking on soft sand.

*Swimming hours are between 6AM and 6PM only. Observe and follow beach signs.

*Quiet hours are between 10PM and 8AM except during pre-arranged special events.

*Please bring your own pet linens and leash, pick up after your pets and keep them from uprooting plants and digging holes.

*Crystal Beach Resort is a non-smoking resort. There will be a penalty of Php1,000 per offense for anyone who will be caught smoking (or with evidence) inside the rooms, tents or common toilets and showers.

*Weapons, Drugs, or any kind of dangerous and harmful substances are prohibited inside the resort premises.

*The resort is privately owned, and the management reserves the right to refuse services to anyone. Acts of violence, disturbance and harassment to other guests and resort employees will not be tolerated. In any case, guest/s causing disturbance may be asked to vacate the resort premises without a refund.

*Alcoholic beverages bought outside the resort are not allowed inside the resort premises.

*Drinking alcohol is NOT allowed inside the Kampsites to ensure the comfort of other guests.

*Single used plastics are not allowed inside the resort.

*Corkage fees will apply for the following:

Php50/bottle (soda, juice)
Food (for corporate and event bookings)
Php1,000/food pan or 5kg and above (raw or cooked)
Php500/food below 5kg (raw or cooked)

*Electrical appliances are not allowed inside the resort. These will be deposited at the resort luggage counter upon check-in and claimed upon check out.

*For emergency cases and maintenance assistance, kindly inform the security and management.

Spent only one night on a maximized stay.

  overall rate 5 over 5

Although the weather has its schedule of presence on specific days, this didn't stop the thumbs up experience we had. Its low profile entrance area would make you think if it's going to be worth it. But it was :) Warm welcome was given to us by the staff. And since we visited on a weekday, that explains the few to almost no other customers on board. We were escorted to our Naomi room (which is quite far from the shore) and it's convenient enough to stay in since we want a private comfort room. After setting our bags in, I decided to eat a late lunch meal in their restaurant. I thought it was closed since I didn't see any one soul eating inside. I was told it's open so I proceeded to order (spam and egg meal) and easily enjoyed it after-which I headed to the shore to take a peek of the beach. It was drizzling. I saw a hammock towards the shore which is perfect to start the beach day with. Carrying my camera, I took some photos of the place and myself. The next thing I know, I woke up to the footsteps of 3 staff walking on the shore. I slept in! The comfy of lying at the hammock made me drift away to dreamland. I went back to the room and continued my sleep. Early next day, of course, is beach time! We went to the shore and saw the hyper playing waves! It was so exciting but a bit scary because it was also raining thinking that it's not safe to go in. Initiated by my friend, we go for a surfing lesson (P400/hr). IT WAS AWESOME!!! I have partly overcame my fear of open water, waves, and surfing. I thought it's going to be a fail attempt but look who's a great student: ME. :) I'll never forget this experience. All I can say is I will definitely come back here for a longer stay. I'm still yet to experience the bonfire, jamming band, and all other water activities. Areas of improvement: Re-design the entrance area and restaurant to make it more inviting. Make the place more visibly clean. Thanks!

KRISTELLI MARI LOPEZ. 2013-09-22 Friends
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