The most charming thing about Crystal Beach is that you can't help but feel like you're visiting a good friend's home. Of course the home is several hectares of sand, aguho trees, and feels like an oceanic playground, but that shouldn't stop you. The Ramos family has been the proud caretakers of Crystal Beach since 1980, and despite the wide expanse that they're overseeing, have managed to maintain a relaxed and intimate vibe that they love sharing with every visitor.

If you're looking for sun, surf, sea, and mountain - this is it.

Guess you need to visit to understand why it's one of the most well-loved escapes here in Zambales.

What people are saying about Crystal Beach

"Spent only one night on a maximized stay. "

Although the weather has its schedule of presence on specific days, this didn't stop the thumbs up experience we had. Its low profile entrance area would make you think if it's going to be worth it. But it was :) Warm welcome was given to us by the staff. And since we visited on a weekday, that explains the few to almost no other customers on board.

We were escorted to our Naomi room (which is quite far from the shore) and it's convenient enough to stay in since we want a private comfort room. After setting our bags in, I decided to eat a late lunch meal in their restaurant. I thought it was closed since I didn't see any one soul eating inside. I was told it's open so I proceeded to order (spam and egg meal) and easily enjoyed it after-which I headed to the shore to take a peek of the beach. It was drizzling. I saw a hammock towards the shore which is perfect to start the beach day with. Carrying my camera, I took some photos of the place and myself. The next thing I know, I woke up to the footsteps of 3 staff walking on the shore. I slept in! The comfy of lying at the hammock made me drift away to dreamland. I went back to the room and continued my sleep.

Early next day, of course, is beach time! We went to the shore and saw the hyper playing waves! It was so exciting but a bit scary because it was also raining thinking that it's not safe to go in. Initiated by my friend, we go for a surfing lesson (P400/hr). IT WAS AWESOME!!! I have partly overcame my fear of open water, waves, and surfing. I thought it's going to be a fail attempt but look who's a great student: ME. :) I'll never forget this experience.

All I can say is I will definitely come back here for a longer stay. I'm still yet to experience the bonfire, jamming band, and all other water activities.

Areas of improvement:

Re-design the entrance area and restaurant to make it more inviting.

Make the place more visibly clean.


"Amazing Zambales! "

San Narciso is definitely the place to be if you love the beach and you wish to surf! Thank you to Crystal Beach Resort for making our stay definitely worth it!

We availed the Naomi Attic Room which was good for 4. Beds are comfortable and most importantly sheets are clean. The toilet is separated from the room which might be a little inconvenient but that was alright. The staff are very accommodating and helpful. They made sure to attend to our needs as we need it.

Reservation was easy except that even though I kept indicating that they contact me through e-mail, they keep calling me which was okay but inconvenient in my part (since I'm always at work).

I like it that they check on you though on the day of your reservation.

Lastly, though the surfing fee at P400/hr was quite expensive, their instructors are friendly and easy to learn with. Thank you Chris and Tonton for making our 1st surfing experience awesome!

"The buffet breakfast in addition to your breakfast voucher."

The place is very relaxing and recommended for team building activities. I also like the visibility of life guards in the beach that makes me feel safe and secured. There a lot of benches and cottages that you can relax on. There's is no additional payment for using of those cottages.

"Worth the money"

The staffs are accommodating, ambiance is good, reasonable price, breakfast are great. They also have camping places. I love your buffalo wings.

"Probably the best choice in Zambales"

Near the beach; nice atmosphere; good fish; well-maintained ground; different accommodation options; beach bar; beautiful beach; delicious shakes.

"Good trip"

I love the accommodations, they are charming and good value for your money. I also over the huge space and swings around.

"Our happy place"

We've been going to Crystal beach for abut 2 years now and we're glad they have been improving the resort facilities like the rooms, shower rooms ,common toilets, lighting and camp sites.

"Great stay"

The place is getting better each time we come back. More activities!

"Clean Place"

Surfing lessons, Complimentary Buffet breakfast, Competent Surfer instructors, Friendly resort crews, Peaceful and Clean place.


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